It is very easy to automate the process of liking posts on Instagram. I will quickly walk through how to create a python script to handle this daily task.

If you have experience using the Selenium python library, continue reading. Otherwise, either check out the Selenium documentation here: Or look at one of my previous articles where I used Selenium: or

We simply use the browser automation abilities Selenium provides in order to script actions on the Instagram web application. By selecting HTML elements by X-path, and using the Selenium tools to press on buttons and send…

Got something that you just need to share with the Rock, but you don't have time to do it yourself? This simple python script is the answer to your problems.

Using Selenium, a python library, we can automate the process of DMing anyone on Instagram. There are plenty of resources already available for getting Selenium set up for the browser of your choice and once you have that ready we can start coding.

So to get this up and running on your machine you have to do a couple of parts to get it ready. First follow the instructions…

Want to get more Instagram followers? Don’t want to create good and engaging content? This article is for you.

Pretty much everyone wants to have more followers on their social media of choice. If you aren't willing to shell out the big bucks on buying sketchy followers and want to automate this task, the best solution I found is using Selenium. Selenium is a Python library that automates web browsers. The Instagram API is intentionally designed to make it nearly impossible to farm followers by using it so we have to rely on some unorthodox solutions.

We are going to…

Have you ever wondered how to create a playlist of what your friends listen to on Spotify? The Spotify API and the Spotitpy python library make this simple and easy to do.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with using the Spotipy library in python. If you have used this tool before, read on, otherwise, I created this article covering the basics of how to get started:

The setup for this project is fairly basic. First, we are going to create a helper class in order to make some of the setup process more streamlined.

import spotipy
import spotipy.util as…

A palindrome is a number whose digits read the same front to back and back to front. In other words, if you drew a line down the center of the digits, there would be vertical symmetry.

All single-digit numbers are trivially palindromes. A few examples of palindromes are 111, 114411, 727, etc…

To solve this problem, I first utilized a very unsophisticated brute force method in python.

def reverse(num):
reversed = int(str(num)[::-1])
return reversed
def isProduct3(num):
for i in range(100,999):
if (num % (i) == 0) and (num/i < 1000):
print(num % (i))
return True
return False
for i…

In this article, I will go through the basic steps necessary to automate your Spotify account and get data from the Spotify API using the spotipy python library.

The first step is to install the spotipy library onto your computer.

Use the command (pip install spotipy) in your terminal to download the spotipy library. The official documentation for spotipy can be found here ( and it is definitely worthwhile to read through the getting started section and skim some of the tools the library provides.

Before we can get to coding, your application must be registered with Spotify in order…


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